quarta-feira, março 17, 2010

quarta-feira, março 03, 2010

Theory and Practice of Online Learning

"Distance educators, students, administrators, and parents are daily forced to make choices regarding the pedagogical, economic, systemic, and political characteristics of the distance education systems within which they participate. To provide information, knowledge, and, we hope, a measure of wisdom, the authors of this text have shared their expertise, their vision, their concerns, and their solutions to distance education practice in these disruptive times. Each chapter is written as a jumping-off point for further reflection, for discussion, and, most importantly, for action. Never in the history of life on our planet has the need for informed and wisdom-filled action been greater than it is today. We are convinced that education—in its many forms—is the most hopeful antidote to the errors of greed, of ignorance, and of life-threatening aggression that menace our civilization and our planet.
This book is written by authors from a single university—Athabasca University—which has branded itself “Canada’s Open University.” As an open university, we are pleased to be the first such institution to provide a text such as this one as an open and free gift to others.