terça-feira, março 03, 2009

Journal of Learning Design

A Teresa Marques (Obrigado!) twitou o endereço desta revista. E eu já li os dois artigos que me atraíram mais:
  • Erica McWilliam, Unlearning pedagogy
    • "Is it possible that learning itself - learning as we have come to enact it habitually - may no longer be particularly useful? Could it be that the very habits that have served us so well in stable times might actually become impediments to social success, even to social survival? "
  • Stephen Brown, A Critique of Generic Learning Outcomes
    • "This paper presents a logical critique of their strengths and limitations and proposes an alternative approach to assessing learning impact in lifelong learning contexts based on the five key learning activity types defined by Laurillard."

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RS disse...

Tem prémio do Doctorices; trata-se de um prémio entre pessoas que gostam de "navegar"...